Food Truck Information

The Dexter Area Fire Department recognizes the benefits of “Food Trucks” (Mobile Food Service Units - MFSU) and supports their operation at special events throughout the Dexter area. Most Food Trucks carry propane and/or gasoline fueled equipment for use in their operations. Due to the risks of transporting and using these fuels in mobile units, DAFD is working to ensure the safe operation and use to protect our residents.

To ensure the safety of the staff and public, the following requirements have been developed. These requirements are based on the International Fire Code (IFC) and modeled after the requirements implemented by many Michigan communities. These apply to Food Trucks that will operate in any location open to the public. The requirements below are subject to change as larger regional initiatives are developed.

· Each Food Truck (including hand carts utilizing fossil fuels) operating within the Dexter Area Fire Department (DAFD) jurisdiction must complete an annual fire safety inspection and be permitted prior to operating

· The owner / operator of a MFSU must attend a safety class relevant to the hazards, safe operation, and compliance specific to Mobile Food Service Units and certify they are current (within 3 years)

· All Food Trucks must have a current Washtenaw County Health Department permit

· Food Trucks that use vegetable oil or animal fats in the cooking operation must have an operational automatic fire suppression system

· Food trucks must be located completely off the roadway (unless a road closure permit has been approved) and separated by at least 10 feet from each other or from any structures

· Generators must be less than 70dB at 15 feet when running and may not be refueled when the truck is in operation or before the generator has completely cooled following shutdown.

· Operators must submit the Food Truck Registration form to the Dexter Area Fire Department at least 2 weeks prior to the planned event and must arrange for any needed inspections prior to the planned start of operations

· Staff who have not attended an approved safety class or using an Food Truck that has not received a successful safety inspection shall not operate within the DAFD coverage area. DAFD will honor a documented inspection from a mutually approved organization

DAFD understands that Food Trucks may be used for non-public events on private property (graduation, wedding, birthday events…). The department will not be requiring inspections of Food Trucks in these situations, however they still must register if they will be operating within our service area. We are available and willing to complete a safety inspection of any private use Food Trucks and encourage homeowners to contact us. Any Food Truck that has a valid DAFD inspection with in the last 12 months will not need to be inspected again until that inspection expires.

The Dexter Area Fire Department is committed to ensure that all events utilizing Food Trucks will be enjoyable and safe. Please contact us at 734 426-4500 or visit for more information.

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